What is the best way to get over your ex?

So... I've been in a relationship for 1 and a half years till we broke up. It was really fun, yet sometimes pretty rough deu trough some situations. I joined the military wich in the end she couldnt handle anymore (after 6 months of training). She still loved me but she really needs someone who is always there..

After a month or two we were just talking and she tought it was a good convirsation to tell me she was already sleeping with other (s?), so I went totally mad (like I need to know tht). And the fkd up thing is I think I know who it was.

That was already messed up, and now she is meeting someone in the street I live in. It really sucks but I have to accapt it.

The hard thing stays tough that I still think about her everyday and everytime I see her car or just drive by the house it sucks so hard.
Now I also met someone but my ex just keeps on my mind and I want to get rid of it.. does anyone have any tips?

I have 5 weeks of vacation and its more like a punishment 😓
What is the best way to get over your ex?
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