Who is in the wrong here?

Mom and dad split up 2 years ago. They have 3 kids. Never went to court but worked out an agreement together. Mom works full time, has her own place, pays all bills herself and has the kids full time. Dad lives with his mother, has no job, sees the kids every other weekend. Mom is struggling and asks for help. Dad flips out and says he isn't paying for her habits. She drops it. Months later she is looking at losing her place because school just started and she had to spend extra money on school supplies for the kids. Again, she reaches out and asks for help. He gives her $20. She doesn't complain, but thanks him instead. A few more months pass and now mom has to bring the kids to him every other weekend because dad loses license. She asks for gas money. He flips and tells her to find a boyfriend to support her. She doesn't respond but finds someone to loan her $20 for gas. She is unable to pay this person back. Many more months pass and mom finds a boyfriend who watches her kids while she works. Dad complains about kids liking moms boyfriend more than him. Dad says he is going to fight for custody; never does. A month ago kids go to their dads and come back saying that dad was calling mom names to them. Mom confronts dad on the issue and he starts belittling her. Calling her a bad mother and telling her she is worthless and isn't any better than he is. Mom asks him to stop and he doesn't. Again she asks him to stop and tells him she will block him if he gets bad talking her. He continues. She blocks him. Mother refuses to spend money she doesn't have to bring kids to dads. Dad and dads mother start bad mouthing mom on facebook and tell everyone mom is keeping kids from dad. Dad has not tried reaching moms cell phone but has her number. Who is in the wrong?
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Who is in the wrong here?
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