Why was she so hurt by what I said?

I went through a difficult on and off relationship with a religious girl for the better part of 5 years. She became more involved with the church and broke up with me following a mission.
I was devastated, and had an anxiety attack the night she ended things. But I since moved on and have dated my current girlfriend for 8 months, and my ex is now engaged to someone.
I had the unfortunate luck to have to go to my ex's work for my work and I was stuck with her for a few hours. Instead of me being anxious or frustrated, I was calm and didn't really give her any attention while I was there.
She stopped me before I left and asked why I didn't seem uncomfortable and at peace with things. I had told her she was the love of my life and I loved her more than anything while we were together.
I told her at this point, we were more ghosts than people to each other. She seemed very taken aback and hurt by what I said. She went to say more, but I walked away and she just stood there watching me leave.
If she's moved on and engaged, why did she care what I said or anything?
3 mo
We broke up 9 months ago
Why was she so hurt by what I said?
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