She broke up with me stating that she deserves better?

Hello everybody
So I'm still stuck in a limbo where I wonder what could I do wrong for being dumped over text stating that SHE feels like shit and deserves better.
by the way, texted that she wants a break within that text, I didn't get the final answer.
This came out of nowhere at 27th may, 2019.
she started to say that she feels like we're distant, cause we live in israel and we serve in the army, So I guess you have no clue how it feels like being separated by the government just for military service and ruin the relationship between us, we barely met, Only weekends, we argued for the past 2 months since she went there, at that phase she dumped me over text stating that she deserves better, after that I met her and she told me that she is confused and doesn't know what she feels about me, after that, after about a week, we met again for the last time before she ghosted on me for 3 weeks, FULL IGNORANCE. at the last time we met and she said that she wants a man who knows how to fight and protect her from other men...
At that moment I didn't know what to say, Is that being said on purpose?
Anyways, via that text, she told me "you don't care about me, you only care for yourself", which is obvious bullshit cause I called her everyday to tell her that I love her and I've done really good deeds for her before she told me that, We've both committed to the relationship very well, So Yeah, I don't know what should I do, after the ignorance, She asked me for something, AFTER 3 WEEKS OF BEING SILENT AND IGNORING ME, I replied to her she said thanks and disappeared, I called her again in 3 weeks of full silence, She hung up the phone and didn't come back, after a week I called her again and she answered, We didn't speak since 20th June on the phone, We spoke for 6 minutes, later then she ended the call because she "needed to go", the day after she writes me again that she needs something from me, after that I told her that I cannot withstand this anymore, and it's over between us.
She broke up with me stating that she deserves better?
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