Should I apologise to my ex after 3 years?

Basically I was dating this guy for about 3 months.
I liked him and he was a nice guy, but as a boyfriend, he just wasn’t for me.
While I was with him I met someone else (who I’m still with today) and I, admittedly, took the cowards way out and broke things off over a text, and started dating my now partner. Although we still chatted via social media and text afterwards (platonically).
He seemed to take it quite hard and still messaged me a few months after I broke it off (I assume looking for closure?) and I ended up blocking him.

I've always felt bad about it, but I regret it now more than ever. I was 17 at the time and stupid and selfish, and I really feel I should apologise because it wasn’t fair on him.

I've not spoken to him in nearly 3 years and he has a girlfriend who he has apparently been with for nearly 2 years.
Should I apologise to my ex after 3 years?
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