Will he come back?

I’ve recently called it quits with a guy I was knowing after I asked him what was going on between us and if he just wanted something casual or if he wanted to see where things went.

He told me he had not long broke up with his ex so wants to be alone for a while and see what happens with work (being promoted) and where he will end up moving.

I told him that I understand he needs time to get over it and I just want him to be happy. But I need to do what’s best for me and find someone who can give me a 100% which isn’t him.’

Previously he’s told me he has feelings for me and really likes me, that he trusts me and cares if things end. He’s also admitted he thinks about me a lot, we have a lot in common and get on so well, being able to be so comfortable with each other.

Whats the chances of him coming back? I wasn’t after him getting into a relationship but just wanting to see each other more and get to know one another better.
Will he come back?
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