Girls, Why does she stand there and keep looking?

moved to university an joined a new gym. I am a competitive athlete and have been weightlifting , bodybuilding and powerlifting for 7 years. whenever I workout I am dedicated a relatively serious.

However I always get comments from people saying how big I am or how muscular my legs are.

However i noticed a girl who trains on her own. Everytime she sees me , she keeps looking at me. I can see her from the reflection in the mirror that she keeps looking. Then for weeks we always look but never say anything. She looks a lot more than other girls.

now that uni has finished for the year and she has moved home. I was following people so they would follow me back. I happened to follow her and I recognised her and she requested to follow back immediately. I liked a few of her pictures. Just wonder what she’s probably thinking as she knows who I am. Will she be creeped out?
Girls, Why does she stand there and keep looking?
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