Would you stay with her for the sex?

My ex and I have been on and off for months. We both get angry at each other and say terrible things. However, our sex life is just amazing and I love it.

At the same time , she’s saying terrible stuff during heated arguments... she sends me messages such as: that’s why your mom died , fuck her stupid bitch and fuck you too! I fucking hate you , go kill your self and go to hell.

I look better than you anyway stupid slob. This is only when we break up.

If if I say fuck you , she says fuck your mom who died of cancer. I called her retarded and she said no your mom is the one retarded because she’s brain dead.

when we are having sex or eating together... things are good. Would you see her just for the sex and then drop her? No, she’s not dangerous or anything so not worried about getting harmed. She just said disgusting things.

what would you do and why? I like having sex with her crazy ass here and there. Would you use her for the sex? Why or why not
Would you stay with her for the sex?
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