Guys, is he confused or does he really not want me?

About a week ago my then boyfriend, out of the blue broke up with me over text. The back story is we both are in college, and we’re home for the summer. We’re a couple hours apart (around 3 hours). Before we left for summer I asked him if he wanted to make our relationship official after talking for about 6 month or we could end it and move on. He wanted to make it official, so we did. Everything was fine, I was gone for a month in a different country for study abroad, he has no issues with it. When I had doubts while away he reassured me everything would be fine, we’ll see each other soon, and that he was happy. Suddenly a week after my return he told me he wanted to end things and that he didn’t want to waste his or my time. I was taken so off guard because everything was fine two days prior, he was compassionate and sweet, we had plans to see each other that week for the first time in a month and a half, and then it was all gone suddenly. He said he was coming up on his senior year with his best friends and didn’t know where he would be after college so he wanted to end it. He also said the relationship was a lot of work and felt it was a burden on both of us but wanted to see if when we got back to school how things would go between us, “not completely call a quits” but just be friends for now and see what happens. Of course me, being in panic mode, I begged him to stay but all he could say was “I don’t know, I wouldn’t want us to go through this process of breaking up again”, and he didn’t know what would change. He said I did nothing wrong and it was him being selfish. I’m just so confused. I shot down the offer to be his friend and deleted him off everything to which he said that “hurt” him. Now I’ve started no contact three days after the breakup and haven’t talked to him in five. He hasn’t reached out. Should I expect him to come back? Or is he leading me on?

our time together was always fun, sex was great, we never fought..
Guys, is he confused or does he really not want me?
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