How can I prove to my boyfriend that I can change, and are we even broken up?

My boyfriend of 3 years sat me down and told me he wasn't happy. I’d just met him on Monday for our anniversary and we’d had a lovely day, and all last week he kept asking me to meet up, so obviously this came as a massive surprise to me. He’s been saying lately that he’s “numb” and didn’t know what was bothering him, but that he thought it was college getting him down because he has a very big report due. But when I met him, he said that I’m making him unhappy.

I’ll be honest, when he said it I apologised, cause everything he said was right. I’ve been down in myself cause I lost my job in May, so I’ve been bumming and depending on him, I give out about everything he does. That being said, he’s down too, he has no guy friends & no hobbies, he’s very worried for the future. I think because we were both so low, it’s created a negative relationship. That being said, I can see this and do think we need to fix it and seek help and find independence.

He made remarks like “we’re not compatible” and “I want to go and figure myself out alone, we want different things”, which did come as a shock cause only a few weeks ago he’d talk about how good we are together, & last week he asked me if I’d move away with him if he lands a job in another city. We’ve talked about the future and he’s always thought positively about our future together. I do think everything he said came from his negative headspace and he’s stressed because we were arguing a bit. When we met, I said that I’d go seek help, & he asked “yeah but that takes time, will it even work”, and couldn’t see any positive lights. We ended the chat on a bad note, I got up and left because he wasn’t willing to cooperate, but now I don’t know where I stand.

He seeked space and i said id give it to him but then he pressed at the idea of breaking up (I think), but cause I got up & left mid convo, I’ve no idea where we stand. I see what I’ve done to hurt him and I want to fix it. When in better places, we’re very happy.
How can I prove to my boyfriend that I can change, and are we even broken up?
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