I don’t actually know if we’re broken up. But should space help him return in his own time?

My boyfriend of 3 years randomly pulled me for a chat on Wednesday and told me he wasn’t happy. We’ve been getting on amicably, but in the last 2 weeks we weren’t getting on well all the time. We’d the odd few argument or disagreement, but it was just a rough period of time. We usually get on perfectly.

I’ll give some examples of his contrasting behaviour in what he said when trying to get space or end things, vs how he was every other day beforehand.

1) All last week he kept asking me would I move away to a new city with him for a possible job. When he told me he wasn’t happy, he said that he doesn’t feel like we’re compatible, and want 2 different things.

2) He said last week that even if he gets this job and I don’t move down, we’ll make it work. Yet during this talk he said he thinks we won’t make it work.

3) all last week and the week before he suggested doing fun things and meeting up (although to be fair we argued about what time to meet at a lot), yet when trying to end things he said that he’s found meeting me “unbearable”. Then why meet me!

4) We had an argument about our anniversary the other day but then celebrated our anniversary and he said he wanted to overlook the argument, & he even made a point that the last 3 years together has been his favourite, yet on Wednesday when upset he said he needs to basically get away from me and contradicted all statements, saying he needs to find himself. He literally switched his love off over night or something.

He’s very stressed by college work lately & I’ll admit I didn’t make it much easier. I was a little difficult because I’d my own issues but I now see this. He’s got no friends, no hobbies, only me and a bad part time job. He’s very worried about his future. That being said, I don’t think he’s fallen out of love. He’s blaming me for issues I’ve created over a long period of time, and brought up old fights which were sorted ages ago. Do you think he had a breakdown or something, and is panicking?
I don’t actually know if we’re broken up. But should space help him return in his own time?
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