How to get back to socializing?

We dated for 2 years, got married, and about 6 months into the marriage, things were no longer the same. We live together and its worst than as if i was alone. I can't go to the gym without her threatening me she will go out late night if i go to the gym (ive asked her to workout with me). She will stay in bed until 11AM if she can. If i wake up early and get up from bed, she will get mad saying i left her or even worse if i have to run an errand such as go to the dmv she will then accuse me of doing my own thing then she leaves somewhere ignoring and blocking my calls and messages.

Its like living alone but having someone there nagging at you for all you do. she's accused me of cheating which at some point made no sense to me and i got irritated by so many false accusations it would actually start fights.

Today i had to go to the dmv to get my H6. Before leaving i was going to kiss her but instead she woke up worried about her weed and she began accusing me and raising her voice at me asking me where her weed cartridge was at (which i didn't know1 because she always hides it). Anyways, i got so mad at this i just left my wedding band at home and now she is going off. She says she wants a divorce because she doesn't want to be married to a man who doesn't wear his ring and that she is tired of me and me leaving the house early. By the way, i work an Mon-Friday 7-5 job.

She seems serious about this whole divorce and honestly i wouldn't mind giving it to her. Im 24 she's 21. Im sure i can get back up from this. And im sure she has probably changed interests. She will not even talk to me if i pick her up from work, something thats been happening for over 2 months.

My question is just how do i go back to socializing? She deleted my social accounts such as facebook, snapchat, etc. I stopped going to the gym because she would always accuse me of cheating and being home late.
How to get back to socializing?
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