My boyfriend of 3 years has switched over night. I don’t know if we’re broken up, but what do I do?

My boyfriend of 3 years sat me down on Wednesday suddenly and told me he wasn’t happy.

He named every reason as to why he wants out. He said that I’ve been causing a lot of arguments recently and he’s not happy. He said I’m very negative. He brought up things from months ago which were sorted out ages ago, and even said I’m controlling. I was really upset and apologized for behaviour I didn’t even know existed at some stages. I told him that yes I’ve been in a negative space (which he already knew), so that I’d consider getting help. He said “how do we even know if that’ll work, I can’t change you and don’t want to change you”, but I said I want to change for me.

He then said that he doesn’t like himself & he feels numb. He has no friends or hobbies which has always been a problem. He’s worried about his future, & at the moment he’s so stressed by a college project due next week. He said he felt like I didn’t support the interviews he went for (which isn’t true, I always support), & he even said if we went long distance it may not work. He made remarks like “I think I just want to be on my own and figure out me and go see the world and I have to be alone” and “we’re so incompatible, we want different things”. I was so annoyed that I got up and left mid chat.

This all sounds really negative,
right? But I’m confused. Last week he asked me 3 times if I’d move away with him to another city, & if I didn’t move, we’d make it work. For a few weeks he’s been talking about the future normally, saying after his college project he wants us to go out & have fun. We even made a fun list of things to do. We had our anniversary on Monday & he was so affectionate with me. He even wrote a card which said he’s had the best 3 years of his life & that I don’t realise how much I mean to him?
We have a holiday in December & he’s been saying how excited he is. None of it makes sense to me, it’s like he switched over night.
My boyfriend of 3 years has switched over night. I don’t know if we’re broken up, but what do I do?
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