Break up or space? How do I get him to realise he’s made an awful mistake?

I’m going demented. My boyfriend of 3 years randomly pulled me aside on Wednesday to tell me what feels like a breakup. We never actually ended things because I got up in anger at the way he was carrying on. Now I’m clueless to where I stand. All I know is that he’s trying to make himself better by liking lots of women’s Instagram pics.

This was sprung on my majorly, as we’d just spent our anniversary together and he was so normal and romantic. He’d been all over me as per usual and all last week he invited me on dates. So I know he’s not exactly faking his love, he’s obviously just a mess.

We were fighting a good bit last week & when he met me to potentially break up, I apologised for my actions but he said it had a major toll on him. He said things like “I need space” and “you’re unbearable to meet”, and even went as far as saying “we’re not compatible”, even though he’d just asked me to move away with him a week before this. My head is trying to juggle everything. He’s a very unhappy man, he even said himself, he doesn’t like himself. He has no friends, hobbies, or a job he likes, and I feel like that’s really hit him. Because half the things he said to me didn’t add up. He said things like “we should be out having fun” even though 2 weeks ago we wrote a fun bucket list of things to do when his college work is over. Nothing adds up, everything he’s said contradicts the next, and I don’t know what form of action I’m supposed to take from here on in. Everyone I’ve talked to just said to give him space, that he’s obviously just in a bad place and it was taken out on me because we happened to be arguing around the same period.

i know majority will say “oh just break up”, but I’m trying to understand the irrationality, or why this happened out of the blue when he was all over me all week leading up to it.
Break up or space? How do I get him to realise he’s made an awful mistake?
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