Will space repair my relationship, when I know he still loves me?

Help me! My 3 year relationship took a dark turn on Wednesday. He sat me down out of nowhere and said to me that he wasn’t happy and that he needed space. Clearly he got zero relief out of that, so when I was suggesting how to rectify everything and be happier in our relationship, he seemed to want to go off on his own. He made remarks like “I just want to go do everything alone” and “we’re just incompatible” & “you’re unbearable to meet”. This is the same boy who a week before all of this was inviting me on dates, asking me to meet for food, invited me over to his family house one night and made a pass at me. This is the same guy who I met on our anniversary on Monday before our break, and said that he’s had the best 3 years of his life and that I mean everything to him. He put his heart and soul into making the anniversary special with surprises. Then on Tuesdsy we talked as normal, but on Wednesday he switched.

I’m so freaked out by the change. My fam and friends can’t understand it. My best friend had just seen us last week and said “he couldn’t keep his hands off you though”. We’ve been having the odd few arguments lately because neither of us are in the best mindsets, but I think he would gladly agree that we both knew this, & it was just something we needed to overcome.

He has no friends, no hobbies and can’t seem to find himself a job. He’s struggled with his course and making friends, and he felt like I wasn’t supporting him properly with jobs even though he’d had an interview on the Tuesday prior our break up and I sent him such a loving motivational message.

I could analyse this situation over and over, but I will get nowhere. During this argument on Wednesday, I got up in anger and left because I couldn’t believe the contrast over night. It still shocks me.

Everyone is telling me it was an irrational decision and to just give him space and time to realise everything he was saying. Is this the right move? Meanwhile, I’m working on me too!
Will space repair my relationship, when I know he still loves me?
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