Girls, Why she act nervous?

Moved home frm uni started a new gym I’ve been weightlifting bodybuilding for years.

but I noticed a girl and she looked really good. So I couldn’t help but look a few times she would only look if in training and can’t see her. But one week she was acting silly with her friend and she caught me trying not to laugh. And she acted kinds hurt and went silent and looked at me like she was upset.

then I saw her downstairs with her friend and she kept staring at me, and I walked upstairs and again she kept standing staring at me

i didn’t see her for a few weeks. But I went to ask her if she was using a peice of equipment. And she was nice and wouldn’t stop talking trying to make a joke and was nervous and I couldn’t understand her. So I just said ok I’ll leave my bag so no one think they can use it. Then she kept staring after her workout on her way out
Girls, Why she act nervous?
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