Borderline personality disorder behaviour from my ex?

Hi guys, just trying to seek some closure as I can't seem to get any.

Me & my ex were together for 4 months, the first 3 being amazing…She was the most over affectionate girl I’ve met, constant kisses and telling me how much she missed me when I wasn’t around & asking me to make more time for her around my hobbies.

On the 4th month she started to become a lot more argumentative, especially after a couple of drinks. She became very emotional, constantly demanding attention if she had a bad day or didn’t feel well, doubting my feelings for her, she also started to develop a really bad temper as well as being very opinionated… almost as if her opinion was right and everyone else was wrong and a bad person for it. One night she insisted I hold the exact same political opinions as her even if our options weren’t all that different, she would pick heated debates with random people at the pub and then expect me to bail her out when things weren’t going her way & because I didn’t she would then use the silent treatment and withdraw affection for the rest of the night.

The day after this I received a message from her telling me how we can’t be a couple anymore as I don’t hold the right values for her and that mine are massively wrong, since then it as if she has switched off all her feelings for me whilst I have plenty for her. I’ve tried to ask if we can meet and resolve this issue but she refuses to communicate.
Borderline personality disorder behaviour from my ex?
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