My ex called me?

My ex broke up with me over a week ago. It honestly came out of nowhere. We’d been together a long time so it really hit me out of nowhere. He showed anger and upset in a good bit of fighting that I caused. But that being said, we’d spent every moment before that day he ended things with me together, and he was acting very normal. He was showing love and affection, he’d said he was having the best few years with me, and that I was his best friend and he seemed genuinely grateful. He’d asked me would I move away with him if he lands a job in another city.
When we broke up, he was under severe stress and pressure with a college thesis, & everything he said was irrational. He’d been asking me to meet every day the week before the break up, but when I met him he said that he’d found meeting me unbearable (even though he wanted to meet).
He said nasty things like “we’re incompatible” and he said he wanted to go away and figure himself out alone. He’s very low in himself & has very little friends, and no hobbies.

The day he finished his college thesis, he posted a photo online and thanked his class for the support (even though he hates his class) and then he went out drinking with them on Wednesday and seems to be showing off online now, chatting to them. His behaviour is ridiculous and I don’t know where it’s come from, we were honestly a very happy couple. We’d just had a lot of fighting for 2 weeks and I assume he couldn’t take the pressure of everything.

Yesterday I turned my phone off and when I turned it back on, I’d a missed call from him. He didn’t send me a text or anything to say why he called, so I didn’t call him back, I didn’t even text him. But now I’m wondering if he’s living in regret, is he sorry, I want to know! Should I wait until he reaches out again?
My ex called me?
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