Is he playing games?

My ex split up with me 3 months ago saying the connection had gone & he doesn't want to hold me back. To me if there's a connection between 2 people its always there. We dated for a year but we were best mates for 2 years b4 we got together. We've always had each others back &told each other things we haven't told any one else. We met at work & he has a new job.
Since we split up, he doesn't get in contact at all but has kept me on social media & always replies when I text him. I've always had the feeling he'll be back (no sign so far)& always felt / known he's meant to be in my life in some capacity.
The last week or so his best mate has been extra nice towards me, extra chatty and helpful. Sounds weird & I'm prob overthinking but I find it slightly weird his bestie is been extra nice to me. We're also both (ex & I) on a gaming site, despite us both been on it at least a month, we have never played each other / contacted each other via the game. However a few days ago, he sent me a request for some coins he needed... I know its not a huge thing to some but to me he has initiated some contact however basic. He has done this a few times & as im trying to ignore him (he really hurt me & its gonna take a little more then some free gaming chips). He has now stopped - which makes me feel like he was actually trying to make ultra basic contact and realised I've ignored him.
I know he'll feel bad but in my eyes, he needs to stop playing games if that's what he's doing and have an honest conversation even if we end up just mates - least some respect will have been restored.
He is shy & has shut people out of his life before but if he wanted nothing at all to do with me, the chance are I wouldn't be on his facebook & he wouldn't reply back to my texts. He definitely wouldn't be sending gaming requests & if he hadn't of noticed then stopped sending them.. What do people think? in the time been I'm just gonna focus on me & improving myself.
Is he playing games?
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