hasn't it been enough time?

Over a year ago me and my x of 4 years broke up. We also dated for 3 years when we was kids (first boyfriend) and then again a few years later in my late teens early 20s. It seems we always end up back together just because we end up running into each other then hanging out and just falling back into place from when we was growing up. Anyways a year ago I ended it and walked away I have refused to speak to him or amswer his calls. Because he cheated and at first I tried to forgive him butt it didn't work. It's been a year and when close my eyes I still see him. I still reach for him when I roll over In the middle of the night. I've tried to move on see other people but honestly I just can't find someone I click with like that. He calls normally every two months for about 2 weeks then stops then starts again. (He calls my brother looking for me because I refuse to have a phone because he seems to get the number) well yesterday I spoke with my brother and the x has started calling again. Keep in mind he hasn't left my thoughts for a day. But I find my self angry still..

What should I do?
hasn't it been enough time?
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