Why is my ex ignoring me, after calling me?

My ex and I broke up just over a week ago, it happened out of nowhere. Just a day before things ended, he’d been all over me and cuddling me, showing me how needy and loving he was, inviting me on dates and spoiling me.

Then, out of nowhere, he told me he wasn’t happy. I won’t bore you with the details but he honestly used everything against me, told me I’ve done a lot to him and I’ve made him very unhappy. He called me controlling, said I was unbearable to be around and that we weren’t compatible. It shocked and upset me so much that I got up mid chat and said I deserved better and left.

He’d been doing a thesis which was stressing him, and we had fights during this time, but they didn’t warrant a break up.

The day he handed in his thesis, he posted a photo thanking his class for making the college year amazing (even though they bullied him), and he went out with them that night.
The next day, my phone was off and I got a missed call off him. I didn’t know what to do, so said I’d wait a day and give myself time, as I was hurt. I went out for drinks for my sisters birthday, and videos went up of me dancing with people (including guys) but it was innocent.
My ex reacted to this by deleting all the recent photos of us on instagram.
I felt terrible when I saw this, so I sent him a text yesterday to say I saw his missed call, and asked what was up.

He ignored my text, and I’ve since discovered he’s muted all forms of communication & has muted me on Instagram so he doesn’t have to see my stories. It’s like he’s suddenly cutting me off, even though he made the move to ring me?

I don’t know what to do because I’m terrified. He’s been up and down recently because he’s worried about the future. He has no friends & no hobbies. He’s been lashing out online by following people he knows I don’t like. He’s not one to ignore someone, so him ignoring my message yesterday has hurt me.

I’m wondering why he’s acting out of anger and why he’s now choosing to ignore me?
Why is my ex ignoring me, after calling me?
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