Does my ex girlfriend want me back even though she has a new man?

Recently my ex girlfriend Anna has been initiating text conversations with me even though she is seeing a new man who she has been seeing for around two months. Currently she has been informing me of places she will be in a very non-nonchalant way. We had a decent break-up however after ending the NC phase things were rough. For the past few weeks we have been speaking via text message, and as I know her very well, I have kept it always extremely light, entertaining and enjoyable. My question is why is she contacting me so frequently if she is with another man, and why is she informing me of her location at times? I'm confused as to what this means. Am I looking for something that is not there? Advice would be helpful!


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  • I think the guy above is spot on tbh. My ex is doing the same thing to me right now and it really sucks to be the former boyfriend being texted/IM'd while the other guy is her bed companion! But that's what you have to keep reminding yourself of. She is still going to bed with another guy. Most likely scenario: she still has feelings for you/misses you but not enough to be her boyfriend. So she does the next best thing and keeps you as a friend (that she knows can always be more if she wants it to). You can only ever be friends if your feelings are plutonic! My advice is to go back to NC or in the very least LC. Either tell her you want NC (might force her hand to tell you if she wants more) or just gradually talk less and she'll get the message anyway.But don't fall into the trap of being nice/funny/friendly if this is not what you want otherwise she'll think maybe your happy with friendship too!

  • She might miss you and want to make things work, but doesn't know how to end it with this guy and wants you to fight for her.

    Or she might just be evil by trying to make you jealous of her new guy and rubbing your face in it.

    Or she might be stringing you along by contacting you, and making sure you'll be her back-up if this new guy turns out to be a dud.

    Whatever her intentions, she is the only one that truly knows them. And I'm guessing you still have feelings for her, and at least some small part of you wants it to work again.(?)

    Short of asking her what game she's playing, (would not go well) you just need to cut her back out of your life. I know how much that really, really sucks to think of, but if you still have any feelings for her, you won't be able to heal while keeping in contact with her.

    You're being light and funny with her, trying to make her smile and feel good, and she's making you confused in turn. Not a fair trade.

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