Do he wanted to end things but?

So we got in to a argument about few stuf these couple days and the last fight was when his btother came into his house we 3 of them where there so. I whent to the bathroom, when i came out i heard the talking some together in their language and after that when i came out his brother looked me weird way for a second and my guy was also looking me but then came to me to kiss. I got pissed then i went out for a walk. I send him messages saying why would u talk shit about me to your brother or talk about our problem to him i feel disrespected. He came out and said we didin’t talk anything about you we talked about different stuff and come inside dont leave when my btother is there because that means u don’t want my brother next to me. I was still pissed so i didin’t came. I said to him i’ll come when he leaves. Then after 30min i came thinking that they were there still but his brother left and he said thing were over he was done w arguments and all. Now i been calling him he says the same stuff... we have been dealing w each other almost 2 years and i feel sad that over these arguments things r over. He never wants me to come to his house again because he says that i always argue. But he has done a lot of things to me to make me feel sometimes paranoid. But either way he usually blocks me everywhere but this time he didin’t witch makes me think why?
3 mo
He said his brother wanted to come sleep at his crib but because i was there he said he would go to his friends house so is this one of the reasons why he broke up w me because he knows if he is w me i’ll always spend time in his house and his brother couldn’t come often there? Or maybe because i have a renovation at my house and it will take 2months for it to be finished and he knows i would want to come stay at his house so he broke up cuz i he didin’t wanna deal me coming there to live 2m
Do he wanted to end things but?
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