How can I fix things to repair the relationship?

My ex ended things over a week ago. He gave me tonnes of reasons as to why he wanted out, and it was all so out of nowhere. We’d had a few brief arguments but honestly the day before the break up he was lying on me cuddling me, showing me love, telling me he’s had the best few years of his life. I think the pressure of college got to him. I got up in anger before we even broke up & left.

Just 8 days later he rang me, exactly a day after he finished the stressful college, but my phone was off and I went out that night with friends and put stuff online of me having fun. This resulted in him deleting the 2 most recent photos of us on Instagram (but kept every other one), and he started following people that he knows I’m not comfortable with.

I panicked and texted him to say I saw his call but he ignored me. He’s muted me on everything so I can’t get through to him. Im guessing he’s angry that I ignored the call until the Friday. I’m also fearful he’s trying to move on because he figured that’s what I was doing.
How do I fix this? I’m afraid to call him in case everything is still angry & I don’t want to be ignored again.
How can I fix things to repair the relationship?
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