Do you ever wish your ex would suddenly want you back?

i miss my ex girlfriend so much. We broke up because she appeared to lose interest in me. She couldn't do the breaking up herself, so after trying for a couple of months to fix things it appeared she just wasn't interested. In the end we broke up mutually because I couldn't see any other way forward. I knew she was unhappy and although it absolutely broke my heart to do, I didn't want her being with me just because. Since breaking up, she's contacted few times and I've contacted her. I have asked numerous times to meet up, talk, work things out, etc etc but to no avail. I also find out she talking to another guy. Sucks right. I still somehow wish she will suddenly Chang her mind and want to try again, does anyone else feel this? I know I'm living in a dream world and I think she's completely over me.
Occasionally she randomly pops up. Sends me a message then deliberately ignores my reply? I don't understand this and it hurts becuase she gets in touch and then disappears like I'm not even there whilst continuing to post on social media.
Everyday I wake up and think of her, I miss her, I just want a chance to try again but I know that's not going to happen. Her behaviour has changed a lot towards me. I don't beg or plead Andy when. She ignores me I keep quiet and don't get in touch with her, as much as I would like to.
Do you ever wish your ex would suddenly want you back?
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