Girls, Why does she act this way with me when at university?

first year university, messaged girl who stays in my halls, didn’t ask her out. She was dating her ex boyfriend at the time. I hadn’t met her in person either

but I started hanging with a friend who share the same flat at as she does. So I met her. decided to hold a party. I noticed , she would follow me around the party, constantly giving me compliments saying how great I am and stuff. then I noticed everytime I would go and talk with my friends in there flat. she would always come and sit and talk with me and ask if I’m going to kiss any girls and stuff. Or just talk

then before Christmas I went to a Christmas fairground with my friends and she came along. she wouldn’t leave me alone. Everytime I wandered off she was the only one to wait for me. Or follow me and everytime I was there she was there.

i went to buy food and again she was following me and bought the same food. Then I won a giant teddy and she kept hinting for me to give it to her and she kept trying to act cute with me for it. And I teased her saying do I look good with it. And when she got annoyed because I didn’t give it her and she disappeared and went home.

my friends asked if I’d like to stay in the same flat the following year at university. She didn’t want to. But then she found out I agreed to stay with my friends she all of a sudden decided to stay in the same flat next year.

saw her 3 weeks later again when I went to see my friend. and she stared and smiled at me and said to me “I’m living with you next year (my name) , are you looking forward to it”

im not sure if she has a thing for me.. why would she do all of this and say all these kinds of things?
Girls, Why does she act this way with me when at university?
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