Should I unblock my ex?

Me and my ex broke up mutually about 2 month ago. A day later I decided I wanted to get back together but he didn't. A couple of days later he decided he did, but he started to put no effort in and I could tell he didn't really want to be with me so I broke up with him. 2 weeks after that I tried getting back with him again but he basically said 'he's not ready for a relationship' which I know just means he doesn't want to be with me so I told him I was blocking him on everything.
I didn't actually block his number I just deleted it but I blocked him on all social media besides facebook because none of us really use that. I thought he would try and get in contact with me but it's been a month now and I've heard nothing. I feel like he's just completely moved on.

I don't want him blocked forever because then we will never speak again but I feel like if I unblock him then he'll know I've not moved on and I'll look pathetic. I know we aren't getting back together but I feel so rejected. Should I just leave him blocked?
Should I unblock my ex?
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