Should I get a divorce or try to work it out?

What would you do get a divorce or continue to try and work it out?

Wife confessed that she cheated before marriage. She was remorseful/regretted it and was crying when she told me. Saying I didn’t love him I love you. He was small, sex wasn’t good as it was quick. He was showing me attention and affection. We got together at a very young age in our teens in the year 2000 and been together since. We got married in the fall of 2010 and currently have kids. Her reasons were I was always gone a lot (due to work but now I have a different job) and didn’t show her attention or affection as she felt neglected. She told me this about 5 years ago in 2014 but the cheating occurred in 2003. She said they had sex a couple of times and gave him oral within a month December 2003 and that was it. However I did my own research and found out that they had sex also in the summer of 2004. She was pregnant and miscarried in February 2005 with me being by her side the whole process. I found out after doing some research that after her losing the baby in 2005 is when they became friends right after. I am not 100 percent sure if there were sex still going on up to that point of losing the baby (from summer 2004 to feb 2005) or if there were Any sex after losing the baby. I will have to do more research to find this out but I am thinking yes they were still having sex but not sure how much (my research is asking a trustworthy person) What’s your thoughts on if sex was still going on base on my research about being friends right after? I confronted her on all this but denies it. I feel like she gave me only the trickle truth. Ever since she confessed I think about this everyday and want to know the full truth. Marriage has been good and no signs of cheating but I know she has not told me the whole truth (from my research) so it makes me think she may be lying about other things or not taking this serious. Should i get a divorce or try to work it out?
Should I get a divorce or try to work it out?
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