Is my ex meeting me to end things or to fix our relationship?

My ex and I ended things really badly about a week and a half ago. It came out of the blue to be honest. The day before the break up we’d been sitting down talking and all over each other, he said he’d had the best 3 years of his life. Like we were having so much fun. We had a few arguments that led to stress but still, this break up came as a surprise. He said I was “unbearable” to meet, even though he always was the one to ask me to meet up. He even suggested we were incompatible. I was stupid and got up in anger because everything he was saying was so hurtful and out of the blue.

Everyone told me that he was lashing out because of stress of his college thesis. A week later when his thesis finished, he rang me but I missed the call because my phone was off. I went out that night and had fun, and put up videos of me dancing. The next day I discovered that he’d muted me on every social media platform. I sent him a WhatsApp asking why he called but he refused to open it. He deleted 2 photos of us off his Instagram and purposely followed people that have hurt me in the past.

Today, I knew that he was hearing back from an interview so I texted him to wish him luck. He replied instantly to say he didn’t get the job, but thanked me. Because he was so quick to reply, I messaged him and said “Look, can we meet up sometime? I realise I’ve messed up” and after an hour he replied and said “Yeah, Friday at 12 ok?”

I’m nervous that he’s only agreeing to meet me to “end things positively” but then again, why did he call me last week etc? I want to mentally prepare myself for the worst possible outcome but I’d love to know what you guys think.
Is my ex meeting me to end things or to fix our relationship?
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