How do I get over this, I feel broken?

My boyfriend broke up w me a couple days ago over text. it hit me out of no where. I feel like he threw a brick at my heart. I did everything did everything right from the beginning. I stuck by his side through EVERYTHING. I loved him unconditionally. I cared for him so much more than he cared for me and he knew that.

Even his friends told me how I great I was to him and how he’s never gonna find a girl like me again and how he’s stupid.

his reason for breaking w me is that he doesn’t want a relationship but he will Always love me and care for me no matter what. Don’t u want to be w someone that u love and care about.

I later find out that he broke up w me Bc of God. He wanted to become closer w God and I got in the way of that? Like I get he wants to prioritize god, but I don’t think it’s a reason to leave the person who made him happiest.

It’s straight bs Bc a few days prior to him breaking up w me, he told me he wanted to start praying more and reading the Bible and I told him I’d help him. I told him I’d remind him everyday. He wanted me to be religious too. I told him I’d go to church w him and become for religious FOR HIM.

so the fact that he just rips my heart in half for that. He’s throwing away a diamond for a chicken nugget. And I don’t mean to sound self conceited, but I gave him all my love. Now it’s gone. And I’m supposed to see him this weekend Bc he wants to see me. so yeah. And he broke up w me over text Bc he’s on vacation rn👍🏼
3 mo
So I’ve known he wanted to save him self till marriage and I was totally supportive of it and I didn’t ask or pressure or want to do anything w him unless he told me he wanted to do it, and even then id remind him he wanted to save himself. we did do some sexual stuff but no oral sex or intercourse. One of the reasons he broke up w me was Bc he was scared he wouldn’t be able to control himself and he would want to have sex Bc he was tempted around me
How do I get over this, I feel broken?
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