How do I get out of an abusive relationship?

I have been with this Arabic guy for about 3 years now. Lately he has brcome very agressive in his words and always makes me cry etc..
Not only is he very ungrateful because i always buy him stuff and when he breaks it, he tells me it was a fake, but also
He tells me how he is gonna stomp on my face and that he is gonna kill me. He was the first guy i ever slept with (which i didn't really want to since i wanted to wait till marriage) but I didn't bleed. He doesn't believe that i was a virgin even though i tolf him many times that not every girl bleeds. (He is very conservative I found out a little too late). He body shamed me during my first time pointing out where i could tone up. No wonder I nevet got in the mood and it hurt a lot because of that. Now today we argued and he told me he never wanted to tell me this but my vagina is very wide? So he claims that a lot of guys have had sex with me before... im so deeply hurt because my first time meant a lot to me and he just shames me for it. He even called me a slut and that it was the worst sex he'd had. Im so heartbroken i can't deal with this anymore.
He gives me so much stress and I've become clinically depressed because of this amongst other thimgs. He always promises hell change but never does and then i blame myself. He isn't faithful while i am very much so. He also told me i show my body to the entire world and that i have no shame and that im garbage.

How do i leave him?
For some reason its hard to not forgive everytime and hand out millionth chances...
How do I get out of an abusive relationship?
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