Am I right to be angry over my ex provoking me?

This whole year my ex has been indirectly trying to mess up my life. Even after I blocked him and I'm usually the calm one.

First my ex got me kicked out of college. He was friends with a bookseller I had to buy a college book from. All of a sudden I get suspended over an online email disagreement and him/his friends go missing.

He liked and told everyone I dropped out of highschool, was a hoe, on drugs, etc. Just because I'm a virgin.

This whole year he has gotten away with scandalous bs and when I do occasionally vent I get called crazy and stalked by people online who think they know the situation.

Not only that, but his ex girlfriend who claims she's scared of me, would go on about being blonde and better than me.

My mom says to turn the other cheek because if I don't, I'll get in trouble with the law.

My ex is a drug addicted pig who has always been jealous of me.

Sometimes I wish I could hurt him. But I won't cause it's illegal and mean.
Am I right to be angry over my ex provoking me?
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