Have you ever gotten an ex back who dumped you? If yes, how?

I was in a kind of relationship (we never defined it but it was exclusive) with a guy for about 4 months. We didn’t spend that much time together, especially towards the end we saw each other once a week. He broke up and said that at the moment he wants to enjoy his social life after he handed in his doctoral thesis and that i am pretty and smart and that sex was amazing but that i am just not the one for him, i cried and he held me, so the break up was quite respectful.
i think he is in a kind of quarterlife crisis spending each day doing smt with friends. I think we didn‘t communicate properly and he knows that and tbh i wasn‘t that happy as i was stressed at work and still kinda hanging on someone else.
i didn‘t behave needy after the break up and haven‘t contacted him anymore but still i think about him a lot. Compatibility was for sure there, i feel like we just never really talked properly about the relationship, so i‘d love to give it another try in some months, when he has a proper job and settled in...
how did you get your ex back?
Have you ever gotten an ex back who dumped you? If yes, how?
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