What does my ex boyfriend want?

Me and my ex boyfriend broke up over text in may after dating for 10 months, we went through a lot together and I miss him although kind of nearly over him now. Ever since we stopped talking, he's messaged me 4 times individually once wishing me a good holiday with kisses, and then yesterday replied to a snapchat selfie saying I look good, he them said I should come and collect his stuff from round his, (I only left a few meaningless things). Im so tired of playing games and don't want this to string out so I asked him what day and then he aired me. He's insisted he doesn't want to get back together but he's the only one initiating contact. Is he making sure I never completely let go? Is he just being friendly? We live 3 hours away so I don't intend on staying mates. Why can't he just give my stuff back to me if he wants to so badly? I either want him to be straight with how he feels (naive I know) or just leave me alone and stop opening wounds. A little part of me hopes we get back, but id need to show him I've grown as a person,

sorry its long guys x
What does my ex boyfriend want?
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