We’ve broken up twice, but is there a difference this time?

My ex broke up with me twice.

1st time:

He took a good few weeks of space so when we broke up, it was obvious it was coming. We broke up in a private place. The break up was so nice and we hugged and said we’d stay friends.
He moved on straight away, went on tinder etc. We got awkward and wouldn’t say hi to each other on campus. We’d mutual friends.
He’d message me to say he didn’t want drama but I didn’t reply.
He eventually started deleting me on social media after a month (when he started to miss me). He acted irrationally by deleting photos of the 2 of us.
After 2 months we met up. I knew he was hurting. After 5 days he cracked and said he missed me.

2nd break up:
Day before break up we were cuddling and he told me he loved me/he made sexual passes. He talked about our future and how he’s had the best 3 years with me. We talked about upcoming holidays together.
The break up was then out of nowhere, it was angry and full of hurt. He didn’t do it privately like beforehand. It happened in a cafe. It started with him saying he needed space and that he doesn’t love himself/needs to find himself alone. He said deliberately hurtful things, claiming I was unbearable (even though he was the one asking to meet me). He brought up really old arguments from months ago. We’d had a few arguments but none of which warranted a break up.
I got up and walked away in anger. He had a college thesis and was stressed.
A day after the thesis he tried to ring me but I ignored. I went out and he saw online & as a result he deleted photos of us online & started following lots of girls online. He ignored my text when I asked him why he called.
I messaged a week later and he replied instantly and even agreed to meet me. He’s very cold over texts though and it all still feels angry.

Like these are 2 very diff break ups. One makes sense and the other one is out of nowhere, and didn’t even seem like a breakup?
We’ve broken up twice, but is there a difference this time?
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