Is it a rebound or the real thing?

My ex found a new girlfriend a month and a half / two months after breakup. This girl had been commenting his picture a few days before our breakup. I guess she was already turning around him. I was afraid he left me for someone, the breakup was sudden. But then he was the one reaching out to me for birthday, checking on me, we communicated for a month and a half.

- This new girl is nothing like me : I have the model body morpho, very thin but some curves, tall, and wear feminine clothes and natural makeup. He always said I had the perfect body and so on. I’m kinda a quite girl. She is very little, very curvy with some overweight, a lot of makeup and flashy, very long and fluo nails, sporty clothes, and pretty loud.
- He was saying he would never date a little girl and overweighted, and wearing this kind of clothes. It was the kind of girl he could have make fun of (not in a mean way of course).
- He shows off his new relationship. He never showed her face but I understood. He posts whenever they do something but without showing her.
- He commented her picture. He never done that with any of my pics (we never displayed our relationship on social media, any picture, any clue. He was just sending me private messages when I was posting something). So that hurted to know he does something with her he never done with me.
- He bring her to « our » places.
- He did a three days trip with her (she has a lot of money but he doesn’t) while they just started dating.
- This girl blocked me but he didn’t. I never looked at her stories and when I wanted to go on her profile, I was blocked so she knows about me. Did he ask her to do it to not find about her, or is she crazy / insecure because she found about me?

To know : we ended up in good terms.

I don’t recognize him as we never show off our relationship, but I thought he was genuine with me because of when were together he seemed so genuine. But this makes me feel doubt about what we had.
Is it a rebound or the real thing?
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