Girls, I want to add her as a friend; should I?

Hey guys, so I have a situation and want your advice. I’m still in love with my ex, it’s been 8 months since we broke up, we were in love, planning on marriage and all that stuff, the big reason we broke up is she went into the military. Both of her parents and I became really close to the point where when we broke up, I was leaning on them and they were open arms... father even got me a job with his best friend for his company. I was really close with the mother and she’s really close with her daughter (my ex) my question is I want to add her mom as a friend on fb, and the question is should I? I really want to and I want to because I miss them and I miss my ex a lot, I’m still in love with her. I feel like if i add the mom she will tell my ex since they’re really close and I just want to try it because I’m still In love and maybe there’s a way that my ex will think of me and reach out. I don’t care how crazy it is but I want to know, should I do it?
Yes, you need to get it off your chest to Move on
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Girls, I want to add her as a friend; should I?
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