What do I say when I meet up with my ex?

I’m meeting my ex tomorrow for the first time since we broke up. We never really ended things properly, because it was so out of nowhere. He broke up with me the second things got a little bit difficult. It’s like anytime there’s a few fights he gives up. This is the third time he’s done this, except this time it was out of the blue. It wasn’t a case where he took space and distanced himself, it literally came out of nowhere.

He’d been with me the day before and kept saying romantic things and he was all over me, there was full sexual attraction. He’d been very stressed with his thesis and I was pulling on him a bit, anytime he’d ask me to meet I’d ask to meet at a time that suited me. He snapped at me that Wednesday and said he wanted out, and even went as far as saying very hurtful things. There was a lot of anger.

A week after we broke up, when he finished the thesis, he tried ringing me but my phone was off. He left no explanation as to why he called so I didn’t call back. I went out that night which resulted in him deleting photos of us and behaving childishly online. He’s blocked himself from seeing anything I’m doing, which shows he obviously is hurting. I texted him asking him why he called & he ignored me.

I messaged him a few days later wishing him luck in a job and he replied instantly & then agreed to meet me when I asked, showing eagerness. We’re meeting tomorrow and I’ve NO idea what to expect. I see I’ve made mistakes in the relationship but how do I try and fix things without coming off as needy or as if I’m begging?
What do I say when I meet up with my ex?
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