Ex apppears bitter towards me, even though she wanted to break up?

My ex girlfriend still appears bitter towards me over social media. We mutually broke up abiut six months ago now but I never wanted to, but after trying and trying to resolve things he didn't seem interested and looking back she lost interest whilst with me. I know she's talking to another guy now. Unfortunately I still have feelings for her and still am struggling to get over her. Why would she appear bitter towards me? It's things she puts on social media that I know is aimed at me. After breaking up I asked to try again, even just meet up but I got absolutely nothing. Then occasionally she will message me, I will reply and she will deliberately ignore me and not even open the message! The last message was a month ago and it's still, unopened...
it also seems like whenever I post up something on social media, she has to post twice as much or posts videos sounding very cheery and happy. I posted on Instagram for the first time in a while and she never likes my stuff anymore, and she very rarely likes anything on Instagram but as soon as I posted something she starts liking other posts? Almost to kind of rub it I never my face? That she likes other posts and not mine.
Has anyone ever dealt with a similar situation? I not get why especially as she appears to not have any feelings towards me anymore.
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Ex apppears bitter towards me, even though she wanted to break up?
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