Was my ex girlfriend trying to manipulate mate?

My ex girlfriend and I were in a long distance relationship for almost 2 years. We decided this year we would finally merge and live together or in the same city at least. She planned to sell her house and buy another one here. She wanted to put the downpayment and I would take care of payments. The problem is she has terrible credit and no job, so I would have to co-sign.

I'm no ok with that and refuse to cosign.

Anyways, we've argued about this same issue for 6 months. I've said, I'll rent a house and then we live together for awhile, get married and then buy a house. She won't have to pay any rent and can find a job when she wants; to note I make decent money.

One night she said that I'm not 100% committed to this relationship because I won't cosign on a house with her. She then asked me why I won't do it, I said, "I know you love me but this is all very convenient for you. I'll be taking care of all expenses and you won't even have to work." She then said, "Do I not have hands? Am I helpless?"... a pause and she says, "I hate you. I'm going to hang up before I say something worse."

There was a lot more to that argument but you get the picture. The next day we spoke and she didn't bring it up. I had to ask her, "Do you remember what you said to me?" She said, "What did I say?" So I reminded her. After we spoke for awhile, I broke up with her.

To add, I've been the only one flying out to see her this year. I flew her out to see me last year as well, although she did pay for some flights so it's not all me. When we're together, I pay for everything typically.

My female friends think she's been manipulating me for a long time, they've just never said anything. I found myself defending her many times when I spoke to them and when someone pointed it out, I realized maybe they are right, I never saw it until now. I was and still am in love with her.

Do you think she was manipulating me? Did I react too quickly to breakup? Should I give her a second chance?
Was my ex girlfriend trying to manipulate mate?
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