Does he secretly waiting for me to text first?

We have broken up since a month ago. and breakup was too rough and he said a lot of selfish things whuch I never heard from him entire my relationship. h ignored my all messages for a day after breakup. after that I decided to do no contact rule.. he deleted me from whatsapp. I blocked him from instagram. we have been together for 8 months nd we enjoyed our time a lot by weekend meetings eating out listening music in car late night chats nd online games.. yesterday morning I was reading my old conversation on instagram. Nd at evening I could not find chat again nd I learnt that he has deleted his instagram account which he has never done before in his life. nd the breakup too was occurred because of misunderstanding created by instagram as he was showing up active for late night while he was not. after breakup he was not using whatsapp too much where he used to talk to me but was using insta a lot so that's why I blocked him. but he deleted hus account yesterday. then I suddenly saw him online on whatsapp after a three weeks of no contact. my number is still deleted from his side. but niw ge started to come online on that number once a day nd just for two or three minutes.
do you guys think he too miss me? I am not over him nd I can't too.. I am strong enough to stop myself from texting but deep inside I care how he feels.. kindky help me.
Does he secretly waiting for me to text first?
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