If we broke up in love, do we’ve a chance in the future?

My ex and I broke up completely in love, only because we are now going separate ways in life and if we kept going one way to suit the other person, we would’ve hated each other. I want to move on and enjoy my life and even start a new job somewhere different, and he has already got a job in a new city, but I don’t want this to be it.

Id like in time to be able to meet and rekindle our love, once we’ve found ourselves and grown up a bit. I am afraid he’ll move on. He’s very in denial right now, saying he’s happy, he was suppressing his emotions and saying that he’s enjoying being free, but I know he’s not actually. He’s hiding how he truly feels and he’s muted me online in order to move on, and has deleted photos, and the chances of us seeing each other again for a while is slim, especially if we move away. But I’d like to say that we will someday be together. We have everything imaginable in common, including our future goals. Like I want to keep him at arms length as my friend until we’ve grown up but I’m afraid to get too close as well, but I’ve heard of exes staying friends until they’re both emotionally mature and stable in work
If we broke up in love, do we’ve a chance in the future?
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