Why'd she apologize and stop talking to me?

I asked out this girl last week, and we went out twice. Both of us seemed to have fun and it went pretty well.
At the end of the second date, she asked to take some pictures together and she said she had an amazing time with me.
But she messaged me a few times the next day, saying she missed me and wanted to see me again. She even asked to let her now when I was off work for the day.
I did, and she didn't respond. Two days later, she messaged me and said she apologized. But things were not going well and she had a hard few days and didn't feel ok to respond. She said she missed me and asked if I was doing ok.
I know her brother flew in and she was staying with him and her mom and they don't get along, but she didn't tell me what happened.
We talked for a while and then she stopped responding again, but it was late, so I assumed she fell asleep.
After a few days she texted me saying she was very sorry, but some things happened and she was having a difficult time and she missed me. We texted through the day and then she stopped replying.
It's been a few days again, and nothing at all. I know her brother who doesn't like her came into town, and she's surrounded by shitty people at work and home because she told me all about them.
But my friend said to message her and be that positive person and shell respond because how excited she was and how she apologized doesn't make sense if she wanted to not talk to me.
But I just don't understand.
Why'd she apologize and stop talking to me?
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