Exes best friend messaging me. Can I ask her to help out?

So long story short my ex dumped me about 1 month 1/2 ago. I have been doing my best to move on, but I still love her. I haven’t seen her in a month, and I last texted her 2 weeks ago. She answered but asked me not to text her again.

A week ago, my exes best friend messaged me giving me shit for moving on so quick. I had posted a few stories of nights out but never included other women, but was implied, and one girl was commenting on my photos. She took this as me moving on and was trying to stick up for my ex saying it would hurt her, that she is having a hard time too. I was nice about it, but made it clear it was not my choice, she left me, and she is a good friend for looking out for her. Kept it friendly.

Then a week later she commented on another story I posted while at top golf. This time she was friendly just saying “ jelly! I love that place!”

She seems to be wanting to remain friendly. I was thinking about asking her if she thinks my ex would be willing to speak to me if I contacted her. I don’t want to involve her more than that. But I know my ex was behind the first message. They were hanging out when she messaged me I saw on her story.

I know its probably not the best to involve her, but I still want to be with my ex, and I just want to know if I still have a chance. I don’t want to break no contact yet, and thought this might be a good way to see if I can. What do you think?
Exes best friend messaging me. Can I ask her to help out?
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