Should I let go?

So I've been with her since 10/2013, she has two kids I have 1 none together, she's cheated on me multiple times, one being when I left for military. She's seeing someone now, wants a devorced cause I won't get another job I get $2250;for VA Disability. She says my priorities are messed up. Wants to leave in same house so she can save up to move out at end of school year aka USE me lol. I don't know what Todo. Not ok with her seeing someone. Lost
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2 mo
More info, the house isn't paid for, it was an off the record purchase no banks involved. I'm not worried about the house. And to be 100% honest back I'm 2014 after she cheated the first couple times I cheated as well to get back [Horrible I Know]. But I've learned to be a better person and I haven't done it since meanwhile she keeps doing it
Should I let go?
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