Reconnecting with ex girlfriend?

I have texted to my ex after a year of our break-up. Yesterday, we texted for several hours back and forth to catch up.

To be honest, I still had strong feelings for her when we broke up and I still do have. But we had to part our ways for both of ours good. The relationship came to a deadend where it was going to hurt both of us if we continued.

I was thinking about her very often in this last one year and really wanted to check with if she and her family is okay. I met her family during our relationship so I know her family. I know that I was in her mind once in a while as well. We unfollowed each other on social media but she was checking some of my instagram stories.

Our hours of text conversation was in a very positive mood. She thanked me for everyting that we had together and she said she was grateful for all that I did for her. It felt like that we didn't have that one year gap, we just connected quickly jokes, laughs, smiles and little bit flirting.

She lives in a different city now and visits the city where I live once in several months. I told her to give me heads-up next time she visiting so that perhaps we could have coffee or drink. She didn't say anything in return, just replied with several smileys. Then we said goodbye to each other. That was it.

During our conversation, I felt that she still has feelings for me as well. I dont want to look pushy but I am really willing to give it another try with her.

opinions, comments and recommendations please :)

Reconnecting with ex girlfriend?
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