How can I get him back even after the first sex was bad?

Our relationship was great.
It was based on understanding, respect, honesty, but...
our first sex was bad.
We were both inesxperienced. He had told me before we had sex, that he loved me and sex life would improve if we keeped having it. I trusted him. So I agreed on having sex.
We rented an apartment and had it for like 5 times at once.
After 1 month he suggested to stay friends. Because after sex, he realised he didn't have enough romantic feelings towards me. he cared, he wanted to be close to me again. He's very sensitive when it comes to my opinions, he almost cried, when I was going to reject his suggestion. Then I realised this dude really cared about me. So, I agreed on staying friends. I secretly want to get him back. But I don't know how.
He always told me that sex was very unimpotant for him, but he broke up after sex. INEXPERIENCED SEX RUINED OUR RELATIONSHIP.
We still talk and hang out, but as friends. he's still very sweet towards me. he wants me to move on, he told me "don't torture yourself becaue of me" and he wants me to be happy in the future if he gets wth someone new.
THIS IS SO BAD. I mean, it has been a month since we broke up and stayed as friends, but it really bothers me. I still love him even thought I also felt nothing while having sex for the first tim with him.
Help please, what strategy would help me to get him back after having a bad sex?
How can I get him back even after the first sex was bad?
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