How do you show a man that he took you for granted?

My ex broke up with me and look, I won’t bore you with the details but he’s acting extremely immature. He played the blame game and we were together 3 years, and of all the men I’ve been with he’s honestly the only guy I always thought wouldn’t set out to hurt me. He ended things 2 years ago and he was quick to eat his words and come crying. This time round it feels more final & he is moving away so I think reality is he was going through a transition & was unsure of me being in his future. Funnily enough though only days before he broke up with me he’d asked me 3 times to move away to another city with him. We had a holiday booked to Dubai and he made comments during the break up that he doesn’t even know why we booked it because he wasn’t sure how he felt about me for months, & that’s such a lie because he forced us to book the flights & it’s all he talked about even up until the day before things ended. He just seems to be lying a lot and setting out to hurt me, even though he’d catch himself saying how heartbroken he is and how upset his family are.

When we ended things this time, I did comment on his immaturity in our last break up (deleting me online and behaving badly), and he said “I’ve grown up a lot and we can’t compare breakups but I won’t be acting out”, which I believed. He’s already muted me online and deleted photos of us (only 2 recent ones), & he’s started unfollowing me on the likes of twitter which I’m not even that active on. I don’t understand the behaviour.

When I met him, he told me that he wasn’t going on tinder because it’s for kids and that it’s stupid, and I saw on Monday that he’s on it, yet he tried to discourage me going on it. The whole point of us ending things was to go find ourselves because he felt he didn’t know who he was anymore, & he said he didn’t know how to love someone if he hated himself. I don’t want him back but I want him to realise what he had (I did so much for him!)
How do you show a man that he took you for granted?
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