Girlfriend broke up w me, is it possible to get her back?

So. My girlfriend and I have been dating for almost 5 months which does not seem like a lot, but we'd been friends/had a thing for a while before that too. Everything seemed like it was going perfect - we'd just spent a couple wonderful days at my cottage with my family, and it was like we were in an endless honeymoon phase for the weeks before that. She went back to her home state for less than a week and came back, and promptly broke up with me. She said that she thought it over a lot on her trip, got her old best friend's opinion, and decided we just weren't working out anymore. It came as somewhat of a shock to me because everything was going better than it ever had been before.
We are still friends - we saw each other the day after she broke up with me and it was somewhat awkward but overall it still felt okay. I feel like by still being friends and still talking to each other in person and through text I am subconsciously trying to torture myself as I'm giving myself false hope that we could still get back together..
Am I wrong for thinking this?
Girlfriend broke up w me, is it possible to get her back?
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