I think I wanna break up with my boyfriend?

I'm just not feeling that into him anymore, and he's said some things that have really hurt my feelings, and ever since then I've been feeling a little off. he joked about my past trauma, and often calls me mean names. he says he's just joking but sometimes it really hurts. it's a long distance relationship :( he lives around 3-5 hours away, but said that he was going to visit me in about five weeks. he's really sweet and funny but I just don't think he's the one for me. I'm not really feeling the relationship :(
the thing is, breaking up with people gives me really bad anxiety because of what happened to me in the past. someone once got really hurt and,, yeah, they did something bad. I don't want that kind of stuff to happen again. he's gonna be hanging out with his friends in an hour and a bit. what do I say? and do I say it while he's online, gone, or do I wait until he's back? I don't want to ruin his day with his friends, but I can't wait any longer.
I think I wanna break up with my boyfriend?
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